Should I Buy A Good Guitar As A Beginner?

All beginner guitarists are presented with a question when purchasing their first guitar: should they buy a good one or a cheap one? There are so many guitars on the market today that it can be very difficult o make this decision, and it is important to make some careful considerations before you do. There are reasons to get cheap guitars and reasons to get good guitars, but which is the better option for you?

You should buy a good guitar as a beginner. Good guitars cost more, but they are worth it. A good guitar will inspire a beginner to play and practice more; they are easier to play and usually more versatile. Good guitars do not have to be expensive, but do cost more than the most basic guitars. 

There are many reasons to buy cheap guitars, and many beginner guitar players do buy basic and cheap guitars for their first instrument, but there are several reasons to buy a good guitar as a beginner as well. Let’s explore these two options to help you make the best decision for you. 

Should Beginner Guitarists Buy A Good Guitar?

There are many different guitars and types of guitars available on the market right now, and every beginner guitar player feels overwhelmed by the choices. 

However, there is one choice that drives every beginner guitarist: should I buy a good guitar? 

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The reason why every beginner guitarist finds themselves asking this question is that good guitars can be expensive, and it can seem like something that is not worth buying I you do not know how to use it. Most beginner guitar players buy a very entry-level instrument and intend to upgrade when their skills improve, but few make it to that point, partly due to the instrument that they choose. 

The reality is that choosing a very cheap, poor-quality guitar for your first instrument is a mistake. Buying a good quality instrument when you are a beginner on the guitar is important because it gives the instrument a sense of value, and a good guitar is always more exciting. 

An exciting guitar will make you want to play it more. Every time you see your beautiful guitar, you will want to pick it up and play it, even if you do not yet know what you are doing. This causes beginner guitar players to practice far more than they would otherwise. 

Good quality instruments are also important for beginners because they are easier to play. When an instrument is easier to play, it feels better in the hands, the learning challenges are diminished, and the beginner guitarist is far more likely to progress at a better pace with a good quality, easy to play instrument. 

For these reasons, beginner guitarists should avoid buying the cheapest guitar they can find. They should rather spend a little more money buying something that is of better quality, as this will lead to an easier guitar-playing and learning journey.

Should Beginner Guitarists Buy A Cheap Guitar?

Every guitar store is full of cheap guitars. These guitars are made for, and targeted at, beginner guitar players, and many of these instruments are not only cheap to buy, but they are also cheaply made, they are very poor quality, they are difficult to play, and they do not sound good at all. 

Every beginner guitar player is presented with a range of very affordable guitars, and some are better instruments than others, but there is a significant difference between the cheapest guitar on the shelf and a good-quality mid-range guitar, and the price is not the biggest aspect of that difference. 

Good-quality mid-range guitars of every variety are less expensive than you may imagine. These instruments are not drastically more expensive than the most basic guitars, but they sound, feel, and play significantly better than the most basic guitars do. 

Spending the money on a guitar that is better quality does not always mean spending significantly more, but it does always mean a better-quality instrument that is far better for a beginner to learn on. 

Beginner guitar players should not buy the most inexpensive instrument they can find, as it may hinder their playing, but they should rather buy a guitar that is on the low-end of the mid-range level of instruments, as this will set them up for guitar playing success. 

Why Are Good Guitars Better For Beginner Guitarists?

We have established that buying the least expensive guitar possible is not the best idea for most beginner guitar players. There are some circumstances where there is no other option, but those who have the ability to buy something better should do so. 

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Buying a good guitar as a first instrument is beneficial for new guitarists in many ways. 

Using a good guitar while you are learning develops your musical ear more effectively, as low-quality guitars do not stay in tune well and are often impossible to tune at all. Playing a good quality guitar is easier on your hands and fingers, which makes practicing easier. 

Playing a good-quality instrument enables you to explore more of the instrument and learn good techniques and playing methods in less time. Playing a good guitar allows you to learn more quickly and allows you to learn more musical genres as good-quality instruments tend to be more versatile and useable. 

If you buy a good guitar, you will feel excited to play it because it is a good guitar. Bad guitars feel disappointing in the hands, and they do not feel worthwhile playing, but good guitars feel exciting in the hands, and they make guitar players want to practice. 

Another truth here is that if you spend more money on an instrument, you are likely to play it more often to get the most out of it, rather than letting your money go to waste. However, if you do end up giving up the instrument, good guitars are easier to sell and retain their value better, which means that you will get most of your money back if you stop playing. This is impossible with a bad guitar. 

Overall, getting a go guitar for your first instrument is well worthwhile, so long as you have the funds to do so. If you do not have the money to buy something good, then get what you can and work hard until you can buy something better!

Wrapping Up

At the end of it, good guitars are better for beginner guitarists because they are inspiring and fun, they feel good to play, they sound good, and they teach guitar players better skills. Good-quality guitars do not have to be very expensive, but they are more expensive than very basic guitars. 

Spending the extra money on a good instrument is well worthwhile, and it will prove itself to be a good purchase as you begin to play the instrument more and improve your guitar skills. Take the time to find a good quality instrument that you can afford, and you will never be disappointed in your guitar!

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