How To Store Your Guitar Picks (And Stop Losing Them!)

Ask any guitarist where they store their picks and you are bound to get sarcastic answers like “all over the house”, “in the washing machine” or “in the vacuum cleaner”! If you have played guitar for any period of time, all of these answers are hilariously accurate but how do you store guitar picks so you don’t lose them!

Store guitar picks in guitar pick holders attached to your guitar, clipped to your guitar strap or attached to some other large piece of your everyday gear. Use a guitar pick organizer case to organize and keep track of all your picks.

There are a ton of options out there, but I’m going to cover the best ones I have used with success so that you are never without a pick again!

How do you store your guitar picks?

When you first start looking for a way to store your guitar picks, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. There are so many options because different players want different things.

What works for one guitarist may be awful for you, so we are going to cover some of the best guitar pick storage solutions we have seen and really cover who they are good for to help you narrow down your decision.

Single Guitar Pick Holders

Before we dive deep into storing and keeping track of multiple picks, let’s start with just not losing one! (kidding… kinda)

There are actually a lot of use cases for single pick holders. The most common would probably be for someone who switches back and forth from using a pick to fingerstyle. Sure, you can put the pick in your mouth, but for a more consistent solutions, get a single pick holder.

Ernie Ball Pick Buddy (P09187)
  • Adhesive free lightweight thermoplastic leaving no residue
  • Instant access to your pick
  • Perfect for various finger / plectrum performance techniques
  • Adheres to instrument in seconds
  • Never lose your pick again
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Guitar Pick Holder Keychain

So that suction cup device is great for live performance, but what if you just want a convenient way to always have a pick with you? There are a pile of solutions out there.

From dedicated devices to that tiny pocket on your jeans, you need to have a pick with you at all times because you never know when you are going to be in the room with a guitar.

I usually put a pick in my wallet as well as my pocket, but they always find a way to fall out. This leather keychain with pick pocket is not only cool looking but keeps a pick locked in place wherever I go.

Guitar Picks Holder Case - Leather Keychain Plectrum Key Fob Cases Bag (2 Pack - black,brown)
  • Made of high quality PU leather
  • Good firm leather to protect your picks
  • Fashionable appearance keychain
  • Makes a great gift for every guitar player
  • Package included 2 leather picks holder cases
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Guitar Pick Necklace

No doubt, you have probably seen or heard about this necklaces that display a single guitar pick. They are actually pretty cool for displaying unique pick designs or vintage picks, but are they any good as pick holders?

Most of them are not and are merely aesthetic where the pick is hard to get in and out, but this one from Pickbandz is made out of silicone and is perfect to both look good and act as a pick holder.

Pickbandz Necklace Silicone Guitar Pick Holder in Epic Black
  • Pop in your favorite guitar pick into the pliable, 100% surgical grade silicone pendant
  • NEW - double sided pendant design will hold two (standard shaped picks Thin to Extra Heavy) all brands will fit!
  • Our beautiful and durable designed pendant is on an adjustable slip knot rope necklace so one size fits all
  • 100% GUARANTEED! Freaky FAST shipping! PATENT No. D657,705 S
  • FREE GIFT - A stunning medium celluloid black Pickbandz pick is included (0.71mm)
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They actually have all kinds of cool silicone products for guitar from pick holder bracelets to keychains to stick-on multi pick holders. Definitely worth browsing their store here.

Is it bad to leave pick in the strings?

So all that is great, but I usually just stick a single pick in between my strings when I put the guitar down. Is that bad for the strings? No, absolutely not!

This is perfectly fine and will not damage your strings or guitar in anyway. It’s such a thin piece of plastic and your strings are flexible even under tension. You are much more likely to damage your strings by overwinding them than by storing a pick between them.

If you are still concerned about it, you could always pick up one of these slim pick holders that goes behind the nut.

Imelod Pick Holder for Guitar Bass Ukulele, Multi Packaged, 5pcs per Package, Rubber Pick Holder Fix on Headstock Between String 3 & 4, D & G
  • Multi packaged for convenience since many guitarists do have more than 1 guitar, 5pcs pick holder in 1 set, mini size and lightweight.
  • Made of rubber, easy to place 2 picks on headstock (between string 3&4, D&G), use no adhesives and will not damage your guitar in any way;
  • These guitar pick holder will not affect tone or tuning in any way and they fit all types of guitars and picks
  • Created out of necessity for pick storage and accessibility, these are a must-have for any musician
  • The shape of the side that holds the wedge in the strings keeps it on tight so that it doesn't move when you take picks in or out. They also hold the pick very firmly.
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It will hold two picks and since it is behind the nut, you can even play with it on and use it to always have a pick at the ready during a live performance.

Multiple Guitar Pick Holders

One extra pick not enough? Or do you have different size picks and thicknesses for different situations? Then you are going to need a pick holder that can hold multiple picks.

Pick Holder Attached to Guitar

If you need a quick draw, pick on the fly, holder, you probably need a pick holder that is attached to your guitar. There are a couple of options, but the easiest one I have found to use is this one from Dunlop.

Jim Dunlop Pick Holder, Black, 3/Bag
  • Spring-loaded, sleek pick holder keeps picks close at hand
  • Adhesive back for convenient placement
  • Black plastic construction
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It has a spring-loaded, sort of plunger effect going on and an open top so that retrieving picks is as easy as just sliding a pick out with the next one down automatically moving up and ready to be taken.

Where to put pick holder on my guitar?

This is a very personal thing. Most like the one above have a light adhesive backing so they aren’t exactly easy to move around once they have been placed.

You want it in a spot that is easy to reach but also out of the way from your strumming and picking. I personally recommend two places to consider.

First, you can stick it to the back of the guitar body on the “shoulder” with the holder opening facing up towards your face. That way all you have to do is reach over the top with your picking hand and slide out a new pick.

The second location is the back of the headstock. If you have enough wood between the tuning pegs, this is a great out of the way place that sort of blends with the guitar hardware and doesn’t look out of place.

Guitar Pick Holder Strap

If you are like me, maybe you don’t want to actually stick anything to your guitar. Unsurprisingly, they actually make guitar straps with pick holders woven in like this one. (link)

These are great if you either a) don’t have a guitar strap yet or b) don’t mind switching straps.

I, however, like my strap and find that sometimes the built in strap pockets are hard to get the pick out of in a live situation. That’s why I love this clip on pick holder.

Aestivate Guitar Pick Holder Guitar Strap Pick Clip, Set Include 2 Pick Clips+6 Assorted Color Guitar Picks
  • Package include: 2 pick holders clip+ 6 random color guitar picks
  • Metal texture clips, guitar picks are clamped in spring coils for use
  • Suitable for being clipped on straps or clothes, with unique design and practical functions
  • Great item for guitarist to carry and keep plectrums all the time
  • Makes a great gift for every guitar player
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It holds multiple picks and it is super quick to both grab a pick and store one away for a quick fingerstyle section. You can also clip this pick holder onto your belt, shirt sleeve or anywhere that is easy and intuitive to use.

Guitar Pick Holder for Mic Stand

If you happen to be playing live events and you also are a singer, why not use the microphone stand to your advantage. Here is a great pick holder for your mic stand that holds 12 picks.

Gator Frameworks Microphone Stand Attachment Slides Holds up to 12 Guitar Picks
  • Dual row holder fits up to 12 guitar picks
  • Pick grooves hold picks of varying thicknesses
  • Clips on to microphone stand tubing
  • Includes removable slide holder attachment
  • Made of soft rubber for superior grip that won’t slide around
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With twelve picks always at the ready, you can act like a real rock star and just flick your pick into the crowd without a care in the world.

Guitar Pick Storage Cases and Organizers

So far we have covered some of the most popular ways to hold guitar picks for easy access while playing, but if you are like me, you have a ton of picks of different materials, shapes and thicknesses for different situations.

I need a larger case to be able to store and organize all of my picks. If you only use flat picks, then you can’t go wrong with this zip up case that holds a couple dozen picks and has a big pouch to carry an extra set of strings and tools.

Guitar Pick Holder Case
  • Large Capacity Pick Collection: Pick holder storage case can holds 50+ picks, enough space for all your picks and electric guitar accessories, keep for acoustic guitar accessories well organized and safety, you would loss your quarter guitar pick anymore and can grab one instantly if you drop song.
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I personally have thumb picks and other awkwardly shaped picks so the best thing I have found to organize everything is to use one of these plastic organizers with adjustable dividers. They are used for arts and crafts or fishing tackle but make a great guitar pick organizer.

OUTUXED 2pack 36 Grids Clear Plastic Organizer Box Storage Container Jewelry Box with Adjustable Dividers
  • Perfect for organizing and storing small items: rock collection, small accessories, earrings, rings, necklace, threads, beads, BUT ESPECIALLY GUITAR PICKS!
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Never Be Without a Pick Again!

Whether you have three picks or one hundred, you need to find a way to store them so that you don’t lose them. If you are into playing live, I highly recommend getting a guitar pick holder that is either attached to your guitar or otherwise easily accessible.

And as your pick collection grows, you are definitely going to want a larger pick organizer to keep track of everything. Don’t just throw them in the bottom of the guitar case! Pick your favorite storage solution and never be without a pick again!

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