How to Stop Losing Guitar Picks (And Where to Find the Lost Ones!)

In the dryer. On the floor. In my jeans pockets. There are guitar picks everywhere!

They are everywhere EXCEPT for when I need them to actually play guitar. Then, it is like they have all disappeared!

Can you relate? Are you constantly losing guitar picks? Why is this such a common problem? And what can we do to solve it?

Well read on, because I sought to fix this disappearing pick problem once and for all, and now I wish to share what I found with you to save you from even more frustration!

Why do my guitar picks keep disappearing?

If you are constantly losing your guitar picks, you are not alone! This problem has plagued guitarists since the beginning of time.

You bought a bunch of picks just the other day and all of the sudden, you are down to just one! Where did they all go and why are they so hard to keep track of?

Why are guitar picks so easy to lose?

The reason losing guitar picks is so easy is due to a few reasons:

  • Guitar picks are small! They are so freaking small that they are so easy to misplace. Whether you forgot you put them in your pocket or they fall under the couch, guitar picks are the masters at hiding in plain sight! They also lay flat, blending in, unnoticeable, even if you step one them!
  • They are cheap! Unless you are playing with a Blue Chip or other ridiculously expensive guitar pick, most are super cheap and come in multi pick packs. This causes you to mentally disregard them as easily replaceable.
  • They are “non essential”! Much like what being cheap does, guitar picks aren’t the most important thing. Now, I’m not saying they aren’t important, because they are! We guitarists just don’t tend to think of them as essential pieces of gear.

That leads me to the small mindset change you need to make if you want to stop losing your picks. Your guitar picks are ESSENTIAL to your gear! Treat them like the precious pieces of plastic they are!

Where to look for lost guitar picks

If you suddenly find yourself without a pick, and you are positive there is at least one laying around somewhere. Here a few solid places to check for lost picks:

  • Guitar case. Check in the pockets and all the little nooks and crannies.
  • Amplifier. Check on top, in the back, even underneath.
  • In the sofa. If you have a chair or couch where you normally practice, lift up all the cushions, check underneath, etc.
  • In your pants pockets. Check the pockets of any of your recently worn pants or shorts.
  • Sheet music. If you are like me, you have tab books and instructional books open in front of you when you practice, and more often than not, a pick or two will end up shut in one of those books.

If all else fails, you may need to get on your hands and knees and look on the floor. Because of how picks lay flat, they can hide right under your nose.

One pro tip is to use your phone flashlight when looking because the glossy pick will reflect the light for you to easily spot.

Hopefully you found a pick so that you can get back to playing, but before you go, make sure to read the next section of this article so you never lose another pick again!

Tips for NOT Losing Your Guitar Pick

I did some rough mental math on how many picks I have lost over my lifetime and I hate to admit that I probably could have bought another amp or guitar with the money lost from a career of never-to-be-seen-again guitar picks.

I hope you learn from my mistakes and put together a strategy for taking care of your picks and not losing them (or at least not losing as many of them). Here are a few great tips to get your anti-pick loss strategy started.

Lend your guitar picks only to your closest friends

We all have that friend who shows up to jam without a pick. EVERY TIME!

You’re nice. You always lend them one. And like clockwork, they never return it. It just goes in their pocket and out the door.

Stop lending to that guy! Seriously, ask for your picks back or only lend picks to your closest friends that you will see regularly and be able to get repaid in the future.

Check Your Pockets Regularly

I cannot tell you how many guitar picks I have found in my clothes dryer after they have fallen out of pants pockets.

There is something so convenient about just shoving your pick in your pocket when not in use, but the problem is that you will definitely forget about them.

Luckily, these picks tend to turn back up in the future either by you finding them in the same pocket or in the dryer like mentioned above. Regardless, make sure to check your pockets before throwing them in the dirty clothes hamper.

Keep Some Picks In Your Wallet or Guitar Case

Instead of putting picks in your pockets, start putting them in your wallet. I love to slip a pick or two alongside my driver’s license.

This is because I rarely have to take my license out (so less chance of dropping/losing a pick while paying for something), and my wallet is always on me which means I always have a pick with me.

Also if you are taking your guitar with you in a case frequently, it makes sense to just throw a few picks in the bottom of the case. I personally have a little sandwich Ziploc bag with picks in my case so they stay together.

Get A Good Guitar Pick Container

For the majority of your guitar picks and your more expensive ones, you will want to have a dedicated guitar pick container.

Whether you make your own DIY guitar pick container or you go with a commercial one like the one below, having a dedicated container for your picks is the first step in treating them like the essential piece of equipment they are.

Guitar Pick Holder Case
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Get A Quality Guitar Pick Holder

In addition to the larger pick container, you should definitely look into getting a guitar pick holder like the one below. These can attach to your guitar, your amp, strap or anywhere so that you always have a convenient pick storage mechanism at the ready.

Jim Dunlop Pick Holder, Black, 3/Bag
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  • Adhesive back for convenient placement
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For more guitar pick storage ideas, read our in depth article on how to store you guitar picks.

Lose Less Guitar Picks Starting TODAY!

So hopefully, you have ordered a guitar pick container or you are going to make one! You have a strategy to start hanging on to more of your picks, and most importantly, you have taken the vow to treat your guitar picks with the respect that they deserve!

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