How Do You Wear A Guitar Strap?

Every guitar player must learn how to use a guitar strap at some point. Whether you want to learn to play while standing up or if you want to improve your guitar playing posture and position while sitting down, using a strap is a useful tool for every guitar player. However, knowing how to wear a strap can be confusing. How do you wear a guitar strap?

A guitar strap should be worn at a comfortable height that allows for full guitar accessibility and playability. A good strap height is found by tightening the strap while sitting down until the strap bears the weight of the guitar and then lengthening it slightly for comfort while standing. 

Learning to use a trap well and learning how to wear a strap comfortably is part of learning to play the guitar. Without a comfortable strap, playing guitar while standing can be painful and tiring, which is why it is important to know how to set your strap correctly, especially when standing and playing for long periods. In this article, we will cover some of the most important tips for using a guitar strap well and keeping it as comfortable as possible. 

How Do You Secure A Guitar Strap?

Every guitar strap is different, and there are many different ways to use a guitar strap, but the very first thing that every guitar player needs to know about guitar straps is how to secure a strap. This is more important than learning how to use a strap comfortably. If your strap is not well secured, your guitar is in danger of being dropped. 

There are several ways to secure a guitar strap well, but the most effective method of securing a strap is to use strap locks. Strap locks are small devices that replace the existing strap buttons on your guitar. The strap lock on your guitar is one part of the mechanism, and the other is attached to your guitar strap itself. 

The strap lock system forms a locking strapping button that attaches your strap to your guitar without the possibility of the strap slipping or coming off unless the strap lock is manually unlocked. Using strap locks is the most secure way of attaching a guitar strap. 

Other good ways for securing a strap to your guitar are to use some string or rubber bands to keep the strap from slipping off the strap button or simply sewing the buttonhole smaller on your strap so that it cannot slip off the button easily. 

Keeping your strap secured is vital for keeping your guitar off the ground, and every guitar player should have some way of securing their strap to their guitar. 

How Do I Attach A Strap To My Acoustic Guitar?

Another important piece of information regarding straps that every guitar player should know is how to attach a strap to an acoustic guitar. 

The reason why attaching a strap to an acoustic can be confusing is because many acoustic guitars only have one strap button on the bottom of the guitar, or they have no strap buttons whatsoever. 

In the case of an acoustic guitar with only one strap button, the strap should be attached to the strap button as normal, and the other end of the strap should be tied to the headstock of the guitar with string. The string should be tied underneath the strings behind the nut of the guitar. 

Alternatively, a second strap button can be installed on the heel of the instrument to allow the other end of the strap to attach neatly and securely. 

If an acoustic guitar has no strap buttons, there is no way to securely attach a strap to the guitar. In this instance, strap buttons must be installed in order to attach a strap to the guitar. The process of installing strap buttons is very simple but does involve screwing buttons into the wood of the guitar’s body.

What Is The Correct Guitar Strap Height?

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Now that we understand how to attach a strap to a guitar, the next important consideration to make is the height of your guitar strap. The height of your strap determines how comfortable the guitar is to play while standing, and it can determine the accessibility of your guitar, which in turn determines how well you can play the instrument. 

The correct height of a guitar strap is relative. Every person is different, and there are many different guitar shapes as well. This means that there is no universal correct guitar strap height. 

Finding the right strap height for you is simple. Begin by sitting down with your guitar and attaching the strap. Put the strap over your shoulder while sitting down, in the same way, you would if you were standing up with the guitar. 

Adjust the length of the strap, with your back straight until your guitar is touching your legs, but the strap is holding all of the instrument’s weight. 

At this point, stand up with the guitar and check the comfort of the strap and the playability of the guitar. This height may be ideal for you, but most people prefer to lengthen the strap a little more. Either way, the ideal height for you is not far away from where it was when you were sitting down. 

Make minor adjustments to your guitar strap length until it feels right and your guitar feels very comfortable to play. 

How To Make A Guitar Strap More Comfortable

Now that we know how to set a guitar strap to the right length, it is also important to understand how to make a guitar strap more comfortable. 

The truth is that the best way to make a guitar strap comfortable is to use a wide or padded guitar strap. A wide strap distributes the full weight of the guitar more evenly on your shoulder and prevents the instrument from digging into you.

Using a padded strap is especially comfortable, as these straps have built-in pads for comfort while playing and standing. 

Soft leather straps that are broad and padded are a favorite among many guitar players for their unparalleled comfort. 

Wrapping Up

At the end of it, the guitar strap that you use and how you wear it is an entirely personal preference. So long as you can play your guitar well while standing up for extended periods, then you can set your strap to whatever feels comfortable for you. 

Be sure that your strap is secured to your guitar properly, try to use a strap that is broad for the sake of comfort, and be sure that you can reach every fret on your guitar comfortably, and you will always feel good in your guitar strap. Take your time, experiment with different straps and strap heights, and never compromise on the playability of your instrument while using a strap. 

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